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Hover is where the internet’s best ideas get named. Hover sells domain names and e-mail to people like you all over the world. We offer hundreds of domain extensions (also called Top Level Domains or TLDs), ranging from the recognizable .COM and .CA to the brand-specific to the wild and out there - we’ve got them all.
Hover guarantees no heavy-handed upselling and the best-in-class support, from our friendly Customer Support team (they’re Canadian, eh!). We promise to get any issues resolved quickly and effectively. Hover makes it easy to spend less time on finding a domain name and more time on your big idea. We stick to what we know best so that you can focus on what you know best. Our goal: get you to publish your big idea and put your passion online TODAY!
Hover is a division of Tucows, a publicly traded Internet services and telecommunications company, headquartered in Toronto.
Hover is proudly based out of Liberty Village in Toronto, Ontario since 2008.

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