SuperConnect - Being run at Tech Socials near you!

The battle-tested SuperConnect activity we created has proven to be a huge draw. These are run right after the announcements and introductions at many of the Tech Socials. Attendees get 10 seconds to share who they are, who they want to meet, and one thing they care about. Simple, novel, and effective; the frenetic matching that follows is awesome to behold!


Why do we do it?

Simple as it seems, we went through iteration after iteration of what we could do that would accomplish this:

  • Encourage people to speak (in short bursts) in a large crowd to build their confidence
  • Feel compelled to help each other - at a basic level, at the event as a first step to inculcating a culture of support within ourselves and with each other
  • Sharing passions and perspective gives some of yourself - authenticity in the event is immediately boosted
  • Doesn’t have strings attached or any commitment beyond the event itself
  • Is a relatively quick exercise for everyone to get through



The resulting SuperConnect was the answer. Even with 150 people participating, this takes 8 to 15 minutes - easy, quick, and to the point. See short videos of this in action - in  Toronto and in Mississauga!


What next? Come out to our community-centric Tech Socials!

Want in? Here’s what to do! Look up and find your city. RSVP for the event and that’s it. If you’re interested in joining a volunteer organizing team in an existing city or start HackerNest where you live, we’ve got options for you too - apply to be an organizer or to volunteer at the events!