Handwritten Nametags - Here’s why we write them for every person

Ever notice the nametags at our Tech Socials? Handwritten. Every - single - time. Don’t believe us? Check the collage of photos from events we’ve run around the world. A first-name-only handwritten nametag is basic, rudimentary, and by some accounts, impractical. But we do it because of the aftereffects a simple exercise like that propagates. Here’s how that interaction typically starts:

Us: Hey there, what’s your name? 
You: Janyne. 
Us: Jane….spelled J-A-N-E?
You: Ah, no. Ja-Y-ne.
Us: Of course. “Jayne”, gotcha.
You: Gets people every time.
Us: Cool name though. Ok great, ** scribble, scribble **. Here’s your nametag
You: Thanks!
Us: Sure thing - drinks are at the end of the room near the fancy coat racks.
You: Awesome.

That initial ultra-positive, all-smiles, easy-to-handle interaction is a mood-lifter that sets the stage for the rest of the night. Just like that, your first interaction is pleasant, helpful, and happy. At this point you’ve not even set foot into the space yet, so the expectation gets set! :)

The first thing you see on our site is:

HackerNest: Non-dirtbag Tech Events


That’s why we describe our culture like this: ‘supportive’, ‘actual community’, ‘we can build a better world together’, ‘down-to-earth’.

If you’ve been coming to our events - thank you for your continued support. If you haven’t yet, we hope you do soon! Look up hackernest.com and find your city. RSVP for the event and that’s it. If you’re interested in joining a volunteer organizing team in an existing city or start HackerNest where you live, we’ve got options for you too - apply to be an organizer!