• HackerNest hosts the most diverse events in the Toronto tech industry

    HackerNest connects nerds to build a better future together.

  • folks from all backgrounds are warmly welcomed at HackerNest tech events

    Tech Socials are unpretentious and down-to-earth. Come join!

  • hackathons were fun but we now have much more effective ways to innovate

    Meet friends, cofounders, employers, and everyone in between.

  • members don't judge each other based on ability - physical or otherwise

    Everyone's quirky. Yes, you'll fit.

  • we are so relaxed that nobody should feel nervous about attending our tech social events

    Smart apart, better together: tech nerds unite!

HackerNest connects nerds to build a better world together.

(Help organize/volunteer! Good karma + easily meet people.)

Our industry is young, clever, and ambitious -- but also lonely, misunderstood, and unchecked. Tech Socials (FAQ) unite the actual tech community -- members (free, sign up!) show up and make new friends, help each other, and discover new stuff. Arrive, get a drink, SuperConnect, chat. Easy.

We're mostly tech folk, but all pleasant people are welcome: expert, n00b, introvert, extrovert, tech, non-tech -- all levels, all backgrounds.
We're "safe space" for nerds. 

Strict no-dirtbag policy.


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Interested in sponsorship or  hackathon consulting services? Please get in touch. We've run big hackathons and innovation events for 8 years with partners like Facebook, Amazon, Deloitte, Dove, governments, law firms, etc. We've saved countless companies huge wads of cash by talking them out of hackathons that wouldn't benefit them. There are better ways to innovate. We can help.

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