• HackerNest hosts the most diverse events in the Toronto tech industry

    HackerNest connects nerds to build a better future together.

  • folks from all backgrounds are warmly welcomed at HackerNest tech events

    Tech Socials are unpretentious and down-to-earth. Come join!

  • hackathons were fun but we now have much more effective ways to innovate

    Meet friends, cofounders, employers, and everyone in between.

  • members don't judge each other based on ability - physical or otherwise

    Everyone's quirky. Yes, you'll fit.

  • we are so relaxed that nobody should feel nervous about attending our tech social events

    Smart apart, better together: tech nerds unite!

HackerNest connects nerds to build a better world together.

(Help organize/volunteer! Good karma + easily meet people.)

Notoriously down-to-earth tech gatherings for developers and other technologists to share wisdom and bad puns over friendly drinks. Nonprofit and agenda-free, we unite the city's tech and innovation community.

Our industry is young, clever, and ambitious -- but also lonely, misunderstood, and unchecked. Tech Socials (FAQ) unite the actual tech community -- members (free, sign up!) show up and make new friends, help each other, and discover new stuff. Arrive, get a drink, SuperConnect, chat. Easy.


We're mostly tech folk, but all pleasant people are welcome: expert, n00b, introvert, extrovert, tech, non-tech -- all levels, all backgrounds. We're "safe space" for nerds. Strict no-dirtbag policy.


Oh, this is what a rather full SuperConnect looks like - a circle of 10 second lightning introductions plus frenetic matching thereafter. :)


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City Sponsorships

Get grassroots cred and solid in-person engagement to build up your brand in the hearts and minds of our community! Learn more.


Host us in your space!

Become a Venue Host Sponsor to literally be the center of a Tech Social or two or three (spots are limited). This is the easy and fun way to share your team's vibe! 1337.

Please connect with our local organizers to discuss sponsoring and hosting your city's Tech Socials.

For regional sponsorship, Elite Meets, hackathon consulting, or new city launches, please contact HQ via this link. We’ve had the privilege of working together with organizations like Facebook, Amazon, Deloitte, Dove, governments, law firms, and many others in various capacities and would (probably) love to partner.


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  • StartUp HERE Toronto
  • SkipTheDishes
  • Hover
  • City of Toronto
  • RED Academy Toronto
  • Trapeze Group
  • Tech Social Sponsorship!

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Upcoming Events

The British Consulate-General in Toronto has collaborated on a number of high-impact tech events and campaigns with HackerNest. Their tech, social science, and community savvy, coupled with their global platform, enabled the British Government to deliver innovative outcomes in dementia research and cooperation between Toronto, London, and other global cities.       

-- Kevin McGurgan, OBE; British Consul-General Toronto, UK Government

We’ve had great success sponsoring HackerNest. We get a good volume of people signing up from the Tech Socials, but the icing on the cake is the fact that we hired at least 3 people from one event last year!        

-- Anton Mamine; Acquisition Specialist, Hover

At HackerNest Tech Socials, you can have open and honest discussion with anyone without having to worry about their motives. We often drift from technical topics and end up discussing the personal thoughts and feelings that are on the minds of the community. You don't get that elsewhere. HackerNest fills that niche missing from all the other tech events. I'm enamoured by the work that you guys do. You’re doing an excellent job at fulfilling your mission.        

-- survey feedback from Michael O., Tech Social attendee