HackerNest Construct: Mind & Motion hackathon

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Saturday, February 22, 2014, 7:00 AM
Ryerson DMZ

brought to you by Klick Inc.

(99.8% sure we’re Canada’s largest hardware-focused hackathon)

Tickets: hackernest.com/construct

HackerNest Construct is a 24-hour programming competition focused on creativity and the innovative use of technology. (NOT business plans, commercial viability, or monetization)

When: February 22-23, 2014

Where: Ryerson DMZ, 10 Dundas Street East, 6th Floor, Toronto, ON M5B 2G9

Platforms/devices: Mind & Motion is all about spiffy next-generation interface devices like neural/gesture controls, augmented reality, wearables, tablets, and all the funky stuff you see in movies. You can bring/build any demo-able platform/device that (even remotely) fits the theme, but as a base, here’s what’s available (limited numbers; pipe up if your team is definitely working on one):

- Raspberry Pi (B) + PIR sensor (*scroll to bottom for what’s included)
- Kiwi Move
- UbiSlate 7C+
- OUYA console
- Intelligent Headset

Read/research a ton, be independent. You are responsible for knowing and setting up your IDEs, SDKs, APIs, and every other acronym. Assume there will be no help from anyone. Be prepared! We’re using ChallengePost for judging and submissions, so get familiar with that.

Teams: Max 5 people. Register on http://hackernestconstructfeb2014.challengepost.com and rep your team – if you don’t have one, you can find one there. Due to the highly technical nature of this hackathon, an intermediate to advanced tech skillset is pretty necessary. Also, space limitations unfortunately only allow for sponsors, partners, and members of the press to observe the hackers in their natural habitat. Thanks for understanding! ♥

Food: You’re going to eat really well this weekend. Menu’s in the schedule below.

Tickets: hackernest.com/construct


$2500 ca$hmoney Grand Prize
$1337 ca$hmoney Runner Up
+ various badass “best of” prizes and tons of giveaways!
(one lucky participant will win our shiny new Oculus Rift – not yet available in stores!)

Pictured: Oculus Rift, Kiwi Move, Datawind UbiSlate, LeapMotion, PUSH Strength, Nanodots GYRO, OUYA, Pebble, Intelligent Headset, Raspberry Pi, Myo Armband

thousands of dollars in SoftLayer hosting credits
thousands of dollars in Digital Ocean hosting credits
multiple Camaraderie Coworking day passes
…and so much more!


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Wanna sponsor? Email sponsorship@hackernest.com. Wanna volunteer? (we’ll love you forever!) Email nora@hackernest.com.

Judges: Prominent tech nerds who’ll score demos based on functionality and coolfactor.

Organizers: HackerNest is a nonprofit that builds supportive “Silicon Valley” type tech communities – everywhere – through unpretentious social events and hackathons to ultimately empower people with more relevant and accessible tech education. Already Canada’s largest, fastest growing tech meetups, there are HackerNest splinter cells popping up in more and more cities around the world. Construct logo and artwork courtesy of Johnny Chauvet.


Here’s a rough outline (there’s a bunch of secret stuff we’re only going to reveal at the event). Register Saturday, eat, hack, eat, demo, win stuff, party, etc. Listing some of the stuff we’re serving below; everything has a vegetarian option.

Saturday, Feb 22

8:30am – 11am: doors open, registration, breakfast (breakfasty stuff)

11am – 12pm: welcome note, sponsor intros, announcements, etc.

12pm – 1:30pm: brutal team matching chaos, lunch (chicken caesar wrap, gourmet chipotle macaroni and cheese, salad, brownie, fruit)

2pm: START H4X

6pm: dinner (lasagna, salad, dinner roll, dessert, fruit)

Sunday, Feb 23

12:01am: somethin’ special (om nom nom!)

7am: breakfast (English egg muffins, hash browns, granola, cereal, fruit, yogurt)

11am: lunch (Spanish Paella, garlic crustinis, salad, canapes/appetizers, desserts, fruit)

2pm – 3pm: demo signup

3pm – 6pm: demos, judging, PRIZES BAHAHAHAHA!

Rules: Find them all here, but here’s a couple easy ones.

- teams of up to 5 hackers

- fresh code only

- demos must be functional demos – not slideshows

- participants must have excellent personal hygiene

- etc.

Students: We’ve already made your tickets just $10, but if you’re a super-broke-as-hell student, contact us using your school email address and we’ll see what we can do. Most of this will probably be predicated on you wrangling us more participants. Ramen ftw.

Refunds: Sorry, but unless it’s a death in the family or your arm gets lopped off by a meteor, no refunds. Hackathons are ridiculously expensive.

* Raspberry Pi kit includes:

- Raspberry Pi (B)

- USB power supply and cable

- SD card (no OS, bring your own!)

- Cobbler breakout + cable

- breadboard

- PIR (motion) sensor

 Get tickets: hackernest.com/construct

HackerNest is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing smart people together by running unpretentious Tech Socials and hackathons. Nerdcore.