TORONTO. Where it all began.

We started as 12 nerds talking tech around a 6-pack. Now we're ~12^2.38 nerds.

Toronto Organizers

These are the people that make Toronto happen. Got a question? Hit ‘em up.

Oz. Toronto.  The wizard that makes all things happen. Versatile biz-marketing-dev guy. Yes, marketing-dev.
Danielle. Toronto, PR & Sponsorships. Mega-connected in the tech and nonprofit/charity space. Loves dogs, and single malt.
Nora. Toronto. Sponsorships. Clinically efficient German methodology infused with relationship building finesse. Mega at all things online. Volunteer coordinator.
Brent. Toronto, Social Media. Online conversation maverick @ Secret Weapon Media. Builds castles in Twitterland.


Buddies and pals – great folks that do good things – we support each other. Reciprocity and karmic goodness – email us to spark something!

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